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Stocks Nudge Lower with No End to D.C. Showdown in Sight

By  +Follow October 2, 2013 2:15PM
Tickers Mentioned:

The tense atmosphere of uncertainty resulting from a second day of government shutdown on Wednesday proved to be too much for stocks, as indices were down across the board.

After Tuesday’s surprising rally, the Standard & Poor’s 500 was down 0.07 percent by the closing bell to 1,693.87 points, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 0.39 percent to 15,133.14 points, and the NASDAQ edged down 0.08 percent to 3,815.02 points.

The partisan impasse currently forcing the federal government into skeleton crew-mode for going on two days now will cause key economic data generated by government institutions, considered “non-essential,” to be put on hold until the nation’s political system is back up and running. This has left investors with little else to go on but their own anxiety, even as the political class seems more unwilling, or unable, than ever to remedy the situation.

Economic data was not completely absent from the picture, however. The monthly private payrolls report from Automatic Processing Data (ADP) was released indicating that privately-owned US companies added 166,000 employees to the rolls during the month of September, a bit shy of the average of economists’ expectations of a gain of 180,000. The figure for August was revised down from the previous 176,000 figure to 159,000.

Basic Materials stocks were a major support to the S&P, with significant gains for The Mosaic Company (MOS) , Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (CLF) , and United States Steel (X) . Still, the index ended lower under pressure from substantial losses for companies who benefit from their work with the government, including many in the industrial goods/defense sector; United Technologies ($UTX), Raytheon Co. (RTN) , and Lockheed Martin (LMT) were all lower by the closing bell.

On the Dow, Coca-Cola (KO) and American Express (AXP) suffered the day’s largest percentage declines behind United Technologies. On the other end of the index, Microsoft (MSFT) was up about one percent after Wednesday’s news of an effort to remove founder Bill Gates from the company’s Board of Directors.

On the NASDAQ, shares of video-game maker Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) dropped after the company’s announcement that its wildly popular NCAA-themed series of sports games would be discontinued next year as a result of a lawsuit from former college athletes. Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) was over 6 percent off after a video of one of its Model S sedans in flames after a relatively small accident went viral.



[Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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Results for TSLA
Quang Doan
28 Jul 15 08:14:55
$TSLA schedule swing 40 to 50 points next week. #WTF.
house of sinners
28 Jul 15 08:14:50
RT @canuck2usa: $TSLA haha http://t.co/zalQXUvFAU
Timothy Reazor
28 Jul 15 08:14:40
With 256.60 cleared looking for $TSLA to run a bit - w/a 24% short float & add in all the folks who got short yesterday today could be fun
28 Jul 15 08:14:35
$SPY $TSLA $PCLN bullish.
28 Jul 15 08:14:00
RT @ExactOptionPick: $TSLA thru $259 should see $263/$264 very quickly. Market has to hold up.
28 Jul 15 08:13:34
$TSLA scared everyone out yet!?! Think will get going above 260
28 Jul 15 08:13:26
$APPF AppFolio Inc http://t.co/UKZ3MRGmpH $AAPL $BAC $FB $SPY $GE $BABA $NFLX $C $FE $TSLA $F $T $UWTI $RAD $GILD $VXX $UA #FX #fx0 $goog
Exact Option Picks
28 Jul 15 08:13:17
$TSLA thru $259 should see $263/$264 very quickly. Market has to hold up.
Steve Wakelin
28 Jul 15 08:12:48
Sold out of my $TSLA 255 calls that I held overnite. Still in the 260s and 265s legging into 270 puts on these up bars as a hedge
28 Jul 15 08:12:01
$tsla again! Long from 255. Check our stats http://t.co/ZiJfoM3Iqn Better yet grab our alerts. First one's on us.
28 Jul 15 08:12:00
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA), Apple Inc. (AAPL) Deal Doomed by Debt Doubts $TSLA $AAPL http://t.co/uorWQqY2pS
28 Jul 15 08:11:25
With Android Auto, Google Goes After Tesla's Infotainment Advantage http://t.co/KDsFfD0iBY … $AAPL #APPLE $GOOG $GOOGL $TSLA
28 Jul 15 08:10:32
$TSLA haha http://t.co/zalQXUvFAU
dan hecht
28 Jul 15 08:09:51
$TSLA out of put triggered by passing stop
28 Jul 15 08:09:32
$APPF AppFolio Inc http://t.co/UKZ3MRGmpH $MSEZ #Penny #pennystocks #PinkSheet #OT #OTCBB $AAPL $FB $DAX $TSLA $GLD $BABA $TWTR $ABX
Quang Doan
28 Jul 15 08:05:19
$TSLA not disppointed. lol.....
Energy and Capital
28 Jul 15 08:03:10
Tesla ( $TSLA ) and SolarCity ( $SCTY ) Built-In for New Homes http://t.co/ye93seWwR4
28 Jul 15 08:02:48
$TSLA http://t.co/ZIOZOnzL1j
28 Jul 15 08:02:40
$TSLA earning on 8/05.. Engaged below 272 ..Target is 38.2% on price and volume MACD bearish #Dailychart #Fibonacci http://t.co/5gVqchTU39
Mark B. Spiegel
28 Jul 15 08:02:20
More evidence that Supercharging erodes the life of $TSLA batteries (and will kill already plunging resale values): https://t.co/Y39hgrvz2n
28 Jul 15 08:01:38
@ARKindu Fast charging $TSLA #superchargers may destroy batteries http://t.co/DtAx9KIDQP http://t.co/6wvWvDz29j
Hugh J. Robbins
28 Jul 15 08:01:28
Elon said the $TSLA price is more than they deserve. http://t.co/x9v1SxSt9B
Mike Lim
28 Jul 15 08:00:14
$TWTR Reports today, here's our strategy ===> http://t.co/jJsWzmvGsY <=== #FREE #Study $GOOGL $TSLA $NFLX $AAPL $SPY $ES_F $EURUSD
Equity Sense
28 Jul 15 08:00:12
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Gavin Martinsson
28 Jul 15 08:00:07
$TWTR Reports today, here's our strategy ===> http://t.co/4nXLMHK4IH <=== #FREE #Study $GOOGL $TSLA $NFLX $AAPL $SPY $ES_F $EURUSD
Trending Articles SA
28 Jul 15 08:00:06
With Android Auto, Google Goes After Tesla's Infotainment Advantage http://t.co/iM25C3XiZ4 $AAPL #APPLE $GOOG $GOOGL $TSLA
28 Jul 15 07:59:42
$TSLA stc 255's @ 5 +$1.27
28 Jul 15 07:57:44
#Twitter, #Tesla, Ford and Wynn are among the top trending stocks right now at #investfeed. $TWTR $TSLA $F $WYNN
28 Jul 15 07:56:21
$TSLA_080715P257.5 Qty 21 at 12.6 Ask $ 26460 Vol 69 OI 235 TimeOfTrade 10:56:18 AM Exp is past Earnings in 8 days
Vetr Ratings
28 Jul 15 07:55:52
Vetr users have upgraded Tesla Motors, Inc. to a BUY Rating (3.5 stars), giving $TSLA a target price of $272.33 http://t.co/eD8LScSZXZ
28 Jul 15 07:54:26
Quang Doan
28 Jul 15 07:53:17
out $TSLA 265/267.5 call for .39 from .16 cents.
28 Jul 15 07:52:46
Joshua Mahony
28 Jul 15 07:50:39
RT @SaraWalker_IG: Charts on Demand: @JMahony_IG looks at what the technicals say about $BLT $TSLA $BARC as requested by @IGcom clients htt…
28 Jul 15 07:49:54
$TSLA Short put on strike 240 for 4 days. 40% annualized return. Expiration BEFORE earnings. http://t.co/A1YV4XNnBW http://t.co/LLzRK2JULR
Hector Madrid
28 Jul 15 07:48:57
$TSLA Inside day trading range [252.07-256.10] If this doesn't break this range then it's just consolidating.
28 Jul 15 07:47:37
$TSLA perking up a bit back to 50dma and neckline IHS
28 Jul 15 07:46:34
$NFLX Netflix http://t.co/UKZ3MRGmpH $AAPL $BAC $FB $SPY $GE $BABA $NFLX $C $FE $TSLA $F $T $UWTI $RAD $GILD $VXX $UA #FX #pennystocks
IH News Desk
28 Jul 15 07:46:04
TSLA Tesla Motors Inc. Short Sales http://t.co/c3dz7gKDPF $TSLA $AAPL $ASHR $HD #TSLA #tradeideas #invest
28 Jul 15 07:45:32
$TSLA_081415C255 Qty 28 at 12.6 Ask $ 35280 Vol 436 OI 55 TimeOfTrade 10:45:31 AM Exp is past Earnings in 8 days
28 Jul 15 07:45:31
$NFLX Netflix http://t.co/UKZ3MRGmpH $AAPL $BAC $FB $SPY $GE $BABA $NFLX $C $FE $TSLA $F $T $UWTI $RAD $GILD $VXX $UA #X #MissUSA #ES_F
28 Jul 15 07:45:21
$TSLA_081415C255 Qty 25 at 12.6 Ask $ 31500 Vol 406 OI 55 TimeOfTrade 10:45:20 AM Exp is past Earnings in 8 days
28 Jul 15 07:43:56
RT @SaraWalker_IG: Charts on Demand: @JMahony_IG looks at what the technicals say about $BLT $TSLA $BARC as requested by @IGcom clients htt…
28 Jul 15 07:42:12
NUGT Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares Ex-Div Date http://t.co/GLqbgvjTmH $NUGT $TSLA $EWG $IHSI #NUGT #finance #share
28 Jul 15 07:42:10
$TSLA_073115P250 Qty 115 at 2.6 Ask $ 29900 Vol 940 OI 2921 TimeOfTrade 10:42:09 AM
28 Jul 15 07:41:54
long $NFLX $AMZN and $TSLA along with $SPy
28 Jul 15 07:41:19
$TSLA_073115P255 Qty 100 at 4.55 Ask $ 45500 Vol 708 OI 2178 TimeOfTrade 10:41:18 AM
Walter Smithy
28 Jul 15 07:40:25
$TSLA What are the long and short $TSLA entry points? 248.XX for long? @90IP6
Daniel Wilkinson
28 Jul 15 07:39:25
$TSLA will the DIP buyers get rewarded or will this spawn even more selling if it breaks 250?
28 Jul 15 07:38:23
$TSLA Inside Consolidation so far. Continuation? Wave Count? 1.37/1 Sellers http://t.co/Zu3NTUxgDN
By  +Follow October 2, 2013 2:15PM



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