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DJIA, S&P, NASDAQ Rally on Better-than-Expected Retail Sales Data

By  +Follow January 14, 2014 11:05AM
Tickers Mentioned:

Stocks ended significantly higher by Tuesday’s closing bell, with indices rallying to gains big enough to recuperate most of the losses incurred during the previous day’s sell-off.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index jumped 1.08 percent to 1,838.88 points, while the Dow Industrials were up 0.71 percent for a finish at 16,373.86. The NASDAQ rose 1.69 percent to 4,183.02.

Investors on Wall Street took heart from the Commerce Department’s early-morning release of retail sales data for the December holiday season that handily beat expectations on a year-over-year spending increase of 4.1 percent. Retail spending for the full year of 2013 increased 4.2 percent from 2012.

On the S&P 500, major tech companies made some of the highest-volume gains of the day, with Facebook (FB) , Intel (INTC) , and Microsoft (MSFT) all closing substantially higher. Bank of America (BAC) rose on the heaviest of the day’s trading however, up over 2 percent ahead of its heavily anticipated earnings report ahead of Wednesday’s opening bell.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lagged behind its colleagues, but also enjoyed a strong day as Intel (INTC) jumped nearly 4 percent after an analyst at JPMorgan (JPM) upgraded the company’s stock to “overweight” on expectations of a “relatively stable” 2014 PC market.

On the NASDAQ, Google (GOOG) added over 2 percent after the previous day’s late announcement of the tech giant’s acquisition of high-tech thermostat/smoke alarm designer Nest in a move that was widely interpreted as an astute move on the company’s part to get a head start on the forthcoming “internet of things”.

Despite the day’s gains, Intercept Pharmaceuticals (ICPT) unloaded for the second day in a row, shedding about 30 percent of its share price by the end of trading after the stock more than sextupled the previous week. Meanwhile, Tesla (TSLA) bulls seemed completely oblivious to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s announcement that the company would be forced to recall a significant number of its electric cars due to renewed fears of the possibility of fires, this time originating in the Model S’s battery-charging system.

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29 Aug 14 17:07:24
RT @Liberty8988: Pretty good piece in Fortune about $BAC and Moynihan: http://t.co/lJQQGHlfaQ
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29 Aug 14 16:32:51
$TCN.TO Change http://t.co/1GmF3Eq6zu Also See: $BAC $THC $CSCO $DGLY ~
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29 Aug 14 15:06:40
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29 Aug 14 14:54:27
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29 Aug 14 14:54:24
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Stock Forums
29 Aug 14 14:47:14
$SGLB Day Low http://t.co/eZtQZrBOLw Also See: $DRYS $DSW $BAC $GTAT ~
Invest Ripple
29 Aug 14 14:21:15
Bank of America seeks to void verdict in $1.27 billion $BAC http://t.co/szQTpqYy2z
Mortimer Duke
29 Aug 14 14:09:47
@MeanMrPickle $jnj 103 weekly puts I sold expire worthless. More weekly income for me along with $yum, $qcom, $bac and $t.
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29 Aug 14 13:33:06
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29 Aug 14 13:13:54
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29 Aug 14 13:06:40
$BAC: 3 Reasons Bank of America Corp's Stock Could Rise http://t.co/5Cdw7b5wdD http://t.co/dYTxMUq0FM
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29 Aug 14 12:51:07
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29 Aug 14 12:34:30
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29 Aug 14 12:30:56
@EamonJavers @SullyCNBC @Kelly_Evans What does this $30 mil to legal aid lawyers have to do with bad MBS's??? NOT A DAMN THING! $BAC
29 Aug 14 12:29:53
@EamonJavers Stay in this country & look at $30 mill redistribution from the $BAC settlemnt that is going to LEGAL AID LAWYERS for the poor
Go Cuse1
29 Aug 14 12:28:32
Waiting for $BAC $C to pop. Financials are the most under appreciated and under value this year. Most potential to move higher second half!!
29 Aug 14 12:25:29
RT @thequ4nt: $16B $BAC settlement to go to liberal activist groups #LaRaza et al. Wealth #redistribution disguised as a lawsuit http://t.c…
29 Aug 14 12:16:19
RSII shot up over 100% today! Major Update: http://t.co/GMnQioznZp $AAPL $BAC $CBIS
29 Aug 14 12:14:38
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Market Headlines
29 Aug 14 12:06:34
$BAC: Why TheStreet Ratings Team Says Bank of America (BAC) Stock Is a 'Buy' http://t.co/U3RFIHQsQM http://t.co/sMGwOLh17D
a. quant
29 Aug 14 12:02:18
$BAC #DOJ to Give Leftist Groups Cut of B of A Settlement http://t.co/k2m47x8sPO $$
a. quant
29 Aug 14 11:58:38
$16B $BAC settlement to go to liberal activist groups #LaRaza et al. Wealth #redistribution disguised as a lawsuit http://t.co/DyHS7jQZod $$
29 Aug 14 11:54:18
@DarrellIssa @LizMacDonaldFOX For $bac's shareholders to have to fund poor ppl's drug busts or domestic disputes or whatever is insanity!
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29 Aug 14 11:46:08
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What does $BAC big Op-V drop means for option traders http://t.co/ACFV4r4Hej
29 Aug 14 11:44:22
@apppro1 $bac @DarrellIssa @LizMacDonaldFOX What the hell does funding poor ppl's legal issues have to do with the CW mortgage crisis?
29 Aug 14 11:43:06
@apppro1 $BAC ..a program that funnels interest from lawyers' trust accounts to civil legal aid for the poor.
29 Aug 14 11:42:41
$BAC REDISTRIBUTION DISGRACE: But inside the $7B earmarked for consumer aid is a $30M boon for a less well-heeled corner of the legal world:
29 Aug 14 11:40:32
Also booked $GS +3.54% Will look at banks more closely next week. Id like to see a correction and reversal. Eyeing $BAC especially
Victor Tellegio
29 Aug 14 11:21:38
Looking at OCT 17 $BAC also
29 Aug 14 11:16:22
$BAC - Free Writing Prospectus - Filing Under Securities Act Rules 163/433 (fwp) http://t.co/GWOspEMnYM
29 Aug 14 11:16:21
$BAC - Free Writing Prospectus - Filing Under Securities Act Rules 163/433 (fwp) http://t.co/7VKPLryG5s
Trader Anónimo
29 Aug 14 11:16:19
$BAC - Free Writing Prospectus - Filing Under Securities Act Rules 163/433 (fwp) http://t.co/acYqnkWWpq
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29 Aug 14 11:16:17
$BAC - Free Writing Prospectus - Filing Under Securities Act Rules 163/433 (fwp) http://t.co/g9qxiWk40O
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29 Aug 14 11:06:41
$BAC: Workday's Losses Weigh Despite Price Target Hikes http://t.co/txz7yYgbZD http://t.co/DTFEOmYQ8Z
Go Cuse1
29 Aug 14 11:03:00
Bullish $BAC $C $GNW $XLF
29 Aug 14 10:36:48
@MichaelKitces internal $BAC memo.
29 Aug 14 10:34:18
@gabuchov coincido pero $BAC esta mas retrasada
Jeffrey Blake
29 Aug 14 10:31:18
$BAC I'm Back to Buy More Bank of America Corp Warrants http://t.co/rM1QMJ6Ti9
29 Aug 14 10:30:42
$BAC Stock Update: Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) – Bank of America to ...: Stock Update: Bank of Ame... http://t.co/onUB7RP1bf
29 Aug 14 10:26:49
@MichaelKitces consistently post feedback. (of course, then there is this.) via $BAC source. http://t.co/7gpxfDPFMo
TV_Trading Ideas
29 Aug 14 10:25:35
Want some leverage? Trade $BAC warrants $BAC.A http://t.co/PSGzuD83jl
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29 Aug 14 10:18:38
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Merrill Edge to nearly double headcount - (or better stated, how ML plans to blunt brutal attrition rates). $BAC http://t.co/lENEDd7bOK
29 Aug 14 10:09:43
BankOfAmerica Breach Of Agreement W Tibco Will Be 300M+ Tibco Benefit $TIBX $BAC | Seeking Alpha http://t.co/L5IArhttXC via @salphatrending
29 Aug 14 10:08:47
$TWTR Twitter Inc (TWTR) 49.33 -0.10 (-0.20%) $BITA $GD $BAC http://t.co/T7sfOflsCG
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29 Aug 14 10:06:52
Lunchtime Most Active #stocks $RSH http://t.co/pWrqjAdjMz $BAC http://t.co/f40QYFQKE1 $PBR http://t.co/4iOYTrSokv
Market Updates
29 Aug 14 10:06:44
$BAC: Bank of America seeks to void verdict in $1.27 billion 'Hustle' case http://t.co/IB9g0rx7Dh http://t.co/lBHmO4y83K
By  +Follow January 14, 2014 11:05AM



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