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SunPower Corporation

SunPower Corporation (SPWR)





SunPower Corporation is a vertically integrated solar products and services company that designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance solar electric systems worldwide for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power plant customers.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 2371927409
CEO: Thomas H. Werner
Employees: 5020
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 867773
Sector: Technology
Industry: Semiconductors
Sub-Industry: Solar
NAICS: Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturin (334413)
SIC: 3674
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 408 240-5500
Address: 77 Rio Robles
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: San Jose
Country: USA
Postal Code: 95134


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While the market is never short on worries, the ability from traders and investors to consistently shrug off potential headwinds has been somewhat of a surprise in the first half…
SunPower Corporation (SPWR) shines as an outlier in the solar industry, reporting gains of 7 percent. Shares in the solar ETF Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) have gained 0.50 percent. Driving…
Shares in Elon Musk’s SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) are dwelling in shadow on Wednesday as the stock plunged nearly 12 percent in anticipation of the release of its Q1 earnings report…
Cleantech, an outperformer in the energy space since 2012, experienced a major expansion phase in 2013 that is still unfolding. In this interview with The Energy Report, Raymond James Energy…
Solar stocks were broadly down again on Wednesday, making it a 5th straight day of losses that have hammered the previously booming industry. The Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) is down…
Shares of American solar panel manufacturer First Solar (FSLR) shot up drastically on March 19 on exuberant guidance, bringing several other solar plays into the black. While there is little…
On Mar. 12 the Elon Musk-chaired SolarCity (SCTY) notched a substantial gain, correcting the downward momentum the red-hot tech play had experienced during the week. While the wide-ranging solar industry…
Solar panel manufacturer Canadian Solar (CSIQ) issued their third quarter earnings before the bell on Nov. 13, and the report contained mostly positive news. While the company missed earnings estimates,…
Chinese green tech company Suntech Power Holdings (STP) , the former global leader in solar panel manufacturing, took the first steps towards liquidation on Nov 9, signaling that the once…
Despite a lack of quantifiable data justifying any kind of rapid movement, red-hot tech play SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) exploded in early trading on November 4, as investors gobbled up shares…


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Stephen Catignani
22 Jul 14 12:57:50
Can I get a a close over 39!!!! $SPWR
ARK Indu Innovation
22 Jul 14 11:40:32
Solexel, backed by $SPWR, receives new round of funding for gas-based panel construction. http://t.co/CQ24DlxEDc
C J Warner
22 Jul 14 11:24:08
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/an5mQXXXIj #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
Market News Desk
22 Jul 14 09:47:28
$SPWR: Your first trade for Wednesday http://t.co/R9V4eDPfop http://t.co/KrhyQoueq2
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 09:25:49
chartguy89: XUII Stock Chart $XUII $GPRO $SPWR $TBT http://t.co/TSyw2mMRxY
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 09:25:41
chartguy89: XUII Stock Chart $XUII $GPRO $SPWR $TBT http://t.co/OgwaFr50ll
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 09:20:50
jim50: $SPWR Open Date=Jul-21-2014 Open=38.53 High=39.33 http://t.co/rW3pim0Aqf
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 09:20:45
jim50: $SPWR Open Date=Jul-21-2014 Open=38.53 High=39.33 http://t.co/ObwuzaS78r
22 Jul 14 09:01:51
http://t.co/vVojvVJX1T jim50: Xtremepicks Alerts: $SPWR Open Date=Jul-21-2014 Open=38.53 High=39.33 http://t.co/bMsOb1JxJS
22 Jul 14 08:58:41
$SPWR Open Date=Jul-21-2014 Open=38.53 High=39.33 Low=38.06 Close=38.84 Volume=1829300 http://t.co/eE803WQWNu
22 Jul 14 08:55:23
XUII Stock Chart $XUII $GPRO $SPWR $TBT http://t.co/zzoBhHhXq7 http://t.co/x3J7CgsWDE
22 Jul 14 08:50:04
@MadMoneyOnCNBC $KORS, $TWTR, $SPWR,$MRO #chartnado
22 Jul 14 08:08:23
RT @Taarriqq: $scty calls 50% for us @OptionexpertPRM @OptionsStats $fslr $spwr $gogo $hlf $aapl $feye
22 Jul 14 08:00:29
$scty calls 50% for us @OptionexpertPRM @OptionsStats $fslr $spwr $gogo $hlf $aapl $feye
22 Jul 14 07:51:12
I am still very long $SPWR in addition I am long JAN 50 calls and now AUG 42 calls
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 07:49:50
danrocks: $IBM Alert $CNQ.TO $APA $SPWR $FSI $NFLX http://t.co/sx3HBg0LVr
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 07:49:44
danrocks: $IBM Alert $CNQ.TO $APA $SPWR $FSI $NFLX http://t.co/frSeVYexK3
Market News
22 Jul 14 07:47:27
$SPWR: Admirals Bank Partners with SunPower to Make Solar Energy Affordable http://t.co/MFY13pooFu http://t.co/OtZAp5XMqn
22 Jul 14 07:28:11
$IBM Alert $CNQ.TO $APA $SPWR $FSI $NFLX http://t.co/qpzUcLXC0x
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 07:19:54
Emylers: $SPWR Up to date company activities and other http://t.co/iHW1bo2cbm
Investors Hangout
22 Jul 14 07:19:44
Emylers: $SPWR Up to date company activities and other http://t.co/uxtTiPJg2I
22 Jul 14 07:10:56
$SPWR Up to date company activities and other important information about $SPWR http://t.co/QxTrdHYYN4
Jordan Black
22 Jul 14 06:45:21
Added some $FB and $SPWR
Ben C. Banks
22 Jul 14 05:27:20
Solars remain as a whole in tight holding patterns. Must keep an eye on them next couple days: $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR
22 Jul 14 04:41:22
Parabolic Sar Buy Signals $AGNC $ARRS $AVGO $CRUS $DANG $ENPH $GILD $HBAN $ONNN $PSEC $QLIK $SPWR $WFM $X $ZAZA $ZINC http://t.co/hJUdxTeTfR
22 Jul 14 04:25:09
SunPower : Assigned Patent http://t.co/RnrvdzoLzv $SPWR $FP
22 Jul 14 02:53:48
$SPWR SunPower- Swingtrading Setup of the week: Dienstag 22. Juli 2014Unser Swingtrading Setup of the week aus... http://t.co/XQy3SU0xyR
Financial News
22 Jul 14 02:47:29
$SPWR: SunPower to Announce Second-Quarter Results on July 31, 2014 http://t.co/aIpgvUVq0J http://t.co/JoOkQDJAb1
22 Jul 14 02:34:18
Watchlist: $TSLA $WUBA $SPWR $YY $TWTR $PLUG $RUBI $EDAP Eps: $AAPL $MSFT $ISRG $EDU Choppy mkt. Be patient 4 gr8 setups :)💜
Market Headlines
21 Jul 14 20:25:52
$SPWR: Solexel Gets $31 Million for Solar Panel Production http://t.co/oGnsM2QXKJ
SNN Team
21 Jul 14 20:23:30
$SPWR - Solexel Gets $31 Million for Solar Panel Production -> http://t.co/XHDG1YydDk #stock #stocks #stockaction
21 Jul 14 17:11:03
RT @szaman: Watch List 07/22/2014 http://t.co/7Ub0A3RZM9 $QUNR $YY $VHI $SPWR and more.
NYC Trader
21 Jul 14 16:41:51
Watch List 07/22/2014 http://t.co/7Ub0A3RZM9 $QUNR $YY $VHI $SPWR and more.
21 Jul 14 14:57:34
$SPWR may go down 7.75% if the bear pattern is confirmed. Chk confirmation [42.86%] @ http://t.co/oddiibe6m7. Short level:38.3100.
Market Headlines
21 Jul 14 14:35:46
$SPWR: Plug Power, the Perfect Complement for Solar? http://t.co/Fdkc5vPIT9
Stock News 24
21 Jul 14 14:34:16
$SPWR - Plug Power, the Perfect Complement for Solar? -> http://t.co/QXLfmOum6D #stock #stocks #stockaction
21 Jul 14 13:54:25
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/6pJT9deXgu #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
Cavan Realty, Inc.
21 Jul 14 12:19:46
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/Pc0KTQ5GLh #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
Market Compass
21 Jul 14 11:47:30
$SPWR: Japan Is About to Help Canadian Solar and SunPower http://t.co/qXY490WGe3 http://t.co/DzmmWOlsln
21 Jul 14 11:19:11
$AFFX $INO $KNDI $NQ $ONVO $PLUG $SPWR autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
Market Updates
21 Jul 14 10:47:27
$SPWR: An Inquiry Into The Wealth Of Renewable Energy, Part I http://t.co/wtBIVKVS6d http://t.co/mtV955urEb
John Holt
21 Jul 14 10:42:41
$BP $KYO $SPWR Peak Oil Could Send This Solar Stock Higher: http://t.co/NIOr7nNpnR #stocks #solar #stockpick
Tony Parker
21 Jul 14 10:30:26
@canuck2usa $SPWR also looking great headed towards $39.28
Joel Alvarez
21 Jul 14 10:25:07
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/ZGwlHK9BYI #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
Wall Street Monitor
21 Jul 14 09:25:53
$SPWR: Plug Power hits highest intraday price in three months http://t.co/SwTzERPIZW
SNN Team
21 Jul 14 09:23:01
$SPWR - Plug Power hits highest intraday price in three months -> http://t.co/kTVBFJahbU #stock #stocks #stockaction
Complete Solar
21 Jul 14 09:00:55
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/byUbcVfnAo #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
21 Jul 14 08:42:25
$scty nice action, some trader in chat are trading it, i am watching this one! $fslr $spwr
edwin moody
21 Jul 14 08:29:41
Solar Power Play: Why Homeowners Are Leasing Panels http://t.co/MJ4V10mEJT #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $GOOG $SCTY $SPWR $SUNE $TSLA $BX
Market Headlines
21 Jul 14 07:55:49
$SPWR: SunPower Sets Up Shop at Service Stations in Southeastern France http://t.co/nIQXoJfT8x

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