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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley (MS)





Morgan Stanley is a financial services firm that, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides its products and services to a diversified group of clients and customers, including corporations, governments, financial institutions and individuals.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 49375297983
Employees: 57061
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 895421
Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Brokers & Exchanges
Sub-Industry: Capital Markets
NAICS: Investment Banking and Securities Dealin (523110)
SIC: ['6799','6211']
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 212 761-4000
Address: 1585 Broadway
Address 2:
State: NY
City / Town: New York
Country: USA
Postal Code: 10036


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Crude Oil Futures Trade Lower on Global Tensions http://t.co/Z3KmUlrqPj $MS
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28 Jul 14 01:14:28
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28 Jul 14 00:10:36
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Deutsche Bank : 2Q 2014 -- Forecast http://t.co/2Aze89GMpc $DBK $MS
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27 Jul 14 23:34:02
$MS: Early Glance: Banks companies http://t.co/PuKMGy3h4w http://t.co/x4BMP9fMjL
27 Jul 14 22:40:02
Greenland HK (337) sets up US$2bn medium term note programme http://t.co/pTswmc9lDe $0337 $CSGN $HSBA $JPM $MS
27 Jul 14 22:40:02
Redco Properties (01622) to issue US$125m senior notes http://t.co/dWkRrwXh39 $HSBA $1788 $MS
Jordan S. Terry
27 Jul 14 22:08:49
Proposal: Hold to be renamed "no clue here" RT @TipRanks: Top Expert Consensus for $MS is Hold http://t.co/gBKnBqWVQB
27 Jul 14 22:07:52
Top Expert Consensus for $MS is Hold http://t.co/l2LR1p1Mmi
27 Jul 14 19:38:27
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27 Jul 14 19:33:25
RT @Minyanville: 9 Financial Documentaries That Will Change the Way You Think About Money and Investing: $MS $UBS $BAC http://t.co/dkup58ju…
Wall Street News
27 Jul 14 19:25:47
$MS: Treasury Auctions Set for the Week Week of July 28 http://t.co/q5ZvNQLWoo
SNN Team
27 Jul 14 19:23:01
$MS - Treasury Auctions Set for the Week Week of July 28 -> http://t.co/O7rabDBwF1 #stock #stocks #stockaction
27 Jul 14 18:34:56
http://t.co/QzFp1WC0ss leahanne: $MS Morgan Stanley (MS) 33.24 -0.16 (-0.48%): leahanne http://t.co/aAyEdA9NKH http://t.co/QzFp1WC0ss
27 Jul 14 18:34:54
http://t.co/QkCFZ8q0T8 leahanne: $MS Morgan Stanley (MS) 33.24 -0.16 (-0.48%): leahanne http://t.co/t29Kd82gf9 http://t.co/QkCFZ8q0T8
Stocks in News
27 Jul 14 14:34:03
$MS: Final Glance: Banks companies http://t.co/diSMAQQ7A2 http://t.co/VLMmMMI5VQ
Haneen AL-Khoshman
27 Jul 14 13:44:42
km $ms 3'abt o ana a$ofk ,, $ms l 9'7a elly tbadlny .... o etha mn3 jaytk 5ofk ,, norak fla 3'ab 3n 3ainy .... HÀPpY ËID ....
Andy Williamson
27 Jul 14 12:16:53
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27 Jul 14 11:50:15
$Gs and $ms lookin good
Tania Rene Sharps
27 Jul 14 11:09:22
#Buy $DNAX #DNA #Energy #Drinks #New #CEO #Real #Experience > $FNMA $HEMP $PMCM $PHOT $PLPL $CBIS $JPM $GS $MS $TSLA $FB $TWTR $GOOG $MSFT
Chinedu Anarah
27 Jul 14 10:32:27
RT @TheStreet: Morgan Stanley is a machine with a LOT of potential: http://t.co/a95P9YTkxd $MS
Wil Cornner II
27 Jul 14 10:31:39
RT @TheStreet: Morgan Stanley is a machine with a LOT of potential: http://t.co/a95P9YTkxd $MS
27 Jul 14 10:25:11
RT @TheStreet: Morgan Stanley is a machine with a LOT of potential: http://t.co/a95P9YTkxd $MS
27 Jul 14 10:23:01
Morgan Stanley is a machine with a LOT of potential: http://t.co/a95P9YTkxd $MS
Investors Hangout
27 Jul 14 10:13:17
DennyT: JCP Bussinessweek $JCP $AAPL $PKW $MS $NVDA Buy http://t.co/940z2diriF
Investors Hangout
27 Jul 14 10:13:17
DennyT: JCP Bussinessweek $JCP $AAPL $PKW $MS $NVDA Buy http://t.co/19Lcr6k7Gu
27 Jul 14 10:06:22
JCP Bussinessweek $JCP $AAPL $PKW $MS $NVDA Buy or Sell Opinion,Parabolic SAR,Volume,Recent News,Starting to g http://t.co/86fDnx6O6n
Extreme Stocks
27 Jul 14 09:38:45
leahanne: $MS Morgan Stanley (MS) 33.24 -0.16 (-0.48%) http://t.co/H3Hl9cb52w
Companies in News
27 Jul 14 09:34:06
$MS: Morgan Stanley Is a Two-Headed Machine With Monster Potential http://t.co/0z6Rrj32ld http://t.co/Nd8Vm3XN7N
27 Jul 14 09:31:44
http://t.co/vVojvVJX1T leahanne: Cheeky's Board!: $MS Morgan Stanley (MS) 33.24 -0.16 (-0.48%) http://t.co/1x5ERoRpy6
27 Jul 14 09:28:26
$MS Morgan Stanley (MS) 33.24 -0.16 (-0.48%) $UNGS $LUV $SMN http://t.co/fgvoszuOr6
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27 Jul 14 09:11:07
danrocks: $RSX Is this one to watch? $RAD $CSQ $MS $AAPL http://t.co/pSOgqC6VNz
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27 Jul 14 09:11:07
danrocks: $RSX Is this one to watch? $RAD $CSQ $MS $AAPL http://t.co/V521yoqrzE
27 Jul 14 09:07:42
$RSX Is this one to watch? $RAD $CSQ $MS $AAPL $JMEI http://t.co/XWuuDin0Rp
bigblaster stocks
27 Jul 14 09:07:04
RT @TheStreet: Morgan Stanley looking like other big banks after a tax-diluted earnings season. Is it the next JP Morgan? http://t.co/H003D…
Luc CG
27 Jul 14 08:40:45
RT @ShimonFogel: How can #Hamas, which claims work on Gazan relief&social services, spend countless $Ms on missiles/bunkers/tunnels? http:/…
Investors Hangout
27 Jul 14 08:08:50
clayton: $MS 33.24 http://t.co/YH1wBEmrxL
Investors Hangout
27 Jul 14 08:08:39
clayton: $MS 33.24 http://t.co/F0Y52DxSfq
27 Jul 14 08:08:05
http://t.co/X6MMwAJjms clayton: Estrella's Sizzling Hot Stock Plays: $MS 33.24 http://t.co/g5G32bRmGk
27 Jul 14 08:05:31
$MS 33.24 http://t.co/rsEZu9IVLP
27 Jul 14 05:26:47
#Buy $DNAX #DNA #Energy #Drinks #New #CEO #Real #Experience > $FNMA $HEMP $PMCM $PHOT $PLPL $CBIS $JPM $GS $MS $TSLA $FB $TWTR $GOOG $MSFT
27 Jul 14 05:21:06
Insider Selling: Eric F. Grossman Sells 35,000 Shares of Morgan Stanley Stock $MS http://t.co/pL548nrrI5
27 Jul 14 04:58:32
RT @Persis32043: ☯Gain Followers ☯RT This ☯MUST FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK ☯Follow everyone who rts ☯Gain #GAIN #FOLLOWTRICK #FOLLOWBACK $ms$
Stock Updates
27 Jul 14 04:34:02
$MS: Morgan Stanley Outlook Raised to Positive by Moody's http://t.co/cyZJmfuVli http://t.co/Nujfp7kAJW
27 Jul 14 03:45:02
Royal Bank of Scotland : RBS advised to sell majority Ulster Bank stake - Sunday Business http://t.co/cMapTkeKFu $RBS $MS
27 Jul 14 03:41:42
RT @Persis32043: ☯Gain Followers ☯RT This ☯MUST FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK ☯Follow everyone who rts ☯Gain #GAIN #FOLLOWTRICK #FOLLOWBACK $ms$
27 Jul 14 03:12:50
RT @Persis32043: ☯Gain Followers ☯RT This ☯MUST FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK ☯Follow everyone who rts ☯Gain #GAIN #FOLLOWTRICK #FOLLOWBACK $ms$
27 Jul 14 02:45:02
Many investors face Scotland exit risk unprotected http://t.co/mDmA6neD1k $MS

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