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Gilead Sciences Inc.

Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)





Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes new medicines for different medical sectors.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 85694490248
CEO: John C. Martin
Employees: 5000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 882095
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Biotechnology
Sub-Industry: Biotechnology
NAICS: Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturin (325414)
SIC: 2836
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 650 574-3000
Address: 333 Lakeside Drive
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: Foster City
Country: USA
Postal Code: 94404


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Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) posted Q2 2014 earnings of $2.36 a share, easily beating the consensus estimate by 58 cents.Sales came in at $6.53 billion, topping earlier estimate by 12%.…
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Social Mentions about your company in the last seven days
The Daytrade
29 Jul 14 21:55:37
RT @genefj: @refluxer August approval would be a major earnings boost for the year: $2-3B $GILD
The Daytrade
29 Jul 14 21:54:52
RT @refluxer: $GILD Gilead has FIVE oncology drugs at various stages of clinical development and #Zydelig just kicked open the door.
Market Updates
29 Jul 14 21:21:53
$GILD: Drug cocktails point the way towards relief for all hepatitis C sufferers http://t.co/51ceEfbFF3 http://t.co/fJpNy9a6xy
Eddie Strohmier
29 Jul 14 21:02:36
@RAmirzadeh @jimcramer Have been playing $GILD for the last year. The March sell off threw me for a loop. But I stuck to it and bought more
Daniel HS
29 Jul 14 20:25:05
RT @refluxer: $GILD Gilead has FIVE oncology drugs at various stages of clinical development and #Zydelig just kicked open the door.
Helen Ong
29 Jul 14 19:57:32
MT@Myeloma_Doc Study shows signficant cost of Revlimid use as maintenance therapy in myeloma ($141,311) $CELG $GILD http://t.co/rV7Hz9eja3
29 Jul 14 19:16:02
Fundamental and Technical Analysis of #GileadSciences $GILD http://t.co/9z8keoJOsV
29 Jul 14 18:03:40
$GILD Gilead has FIVE oncology drugs at various stages of clinical development and #Zydelig just kicked open the door.
12Stocks.com Biotech
29 Jul 14 18:02:41
#Biotech #stocks $GILD Gilead Sciences Daily:1.67% Weekly:4.58% YTD:23.82% Trend:100 / 100 http://t.co/Gbee52CfjU
Jorge E. Oliveira
29 Jul 14 17:32:46
Why Gilead Is A Better Buy Than This Rival $GILD $CELG http://t.co/zfnBC9Tfqi
Eric Coddington
29 Jul 14 16:41:51
The Senate Finance Committee is investigating Gilead's pricing of the hepatitis C drug Sovaldi $GILD http://t.co/tyqDTLaTtL via @WSJ
29 Jul 14 16:38:30
$GILD, $PLT, $BDSI, $VNR stocks I'm watching -- nice daily charts >> http://t.co/S6OsZnxnNe
Ben Fidler
29 Jul 14 16:30:22
Seattle Jobs? Big Biotech Gives And Takes Away (Mostly The Latter) http://t.co/ORSvgwhyjx by @alexlash $AMGN $CELG $DNDN $GILD
Companies in News
29 Jul 14 16:21:57
$GILD: Gilead Sciences Inc.'s Upcoming Catalyst(s) http://t.co/V4rzCI4Fho http://t.co/oSDnHKvAzy
29 Jul 14 16:02:36
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $FTR $WIN $MAS $CTL $DRI $WM $WYNN $T $BMY $MPC $CVC $GILD $BIIB $IPG $DD $URBN $HPQ @ http://t.co/ppYlnKK6xM
29 Jul 14 16:02:04
Nasdaq100 #Stocks Trend $WYNN $GILD $BIIB $CTXS $PCLN $AMGN $VOD $CHKP $NTAP $SBAC $BBBY $CTRX $CERN $AAPL @ http://t.co/wz4pxpINCJ
29 Jul 14 16:01:49
Nasdaq100 #Stocks Performance $WFM $WYNN $ESRX $GILD $LLTC $BIIB $COST $SPLS $BBBY $CTRX $FFIV $REGN $CTXS more@ http://t.co/wz4pxpINCJ
29 Jul 14 16:01:34
S&P100 #Stocks Trend $T $BMY $GILD $DD $HPQ $VZ $AMGN $AAPL $TGT $ORCL $ACN $EMC $EBAY $CMCSA $NKE $LOW $COST @ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
29 Jul 14 16:01:18
S&P100 #Stocks Performance $T $BMY $GILD $COST $APC $DD $TGT $MRK $HPQ $VZ $LOW $AMGN $EBAY $CAT $CMCSA more@ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
Maxim Kreditor, MD
29 Jul 14 15:49:04
@jq1234t @MaverickNY @chasingthealpha @AlpineBV_Miller yep, looks acitve, mb not on label b/c sml #'s; doubt it's a prob 4 $GILD - I hv..
29 Jul 14 15:42:46
@trinijhart @H3NPHLO @ianestepan ARWR's drug is the functional cure vs $GILD's chronic TX. The low market cap, though, points to high risk
Tom Silver
29 Jul 14 15:39:39
$GILD Gilead's Sovaldi prescribed more than all other hepatitis C drugs combined: http://t.co/qyF5yZAPwl via @MercNews
29 Jul 14 15:33:36
@refluxer August approval would be a major earnings boost for the year: $2-3B $GILD
Margaret Dudley
29 Jul 14 15:23:16
RT @hepatitismag: U.S. Senate Opens Investigation on Price of #Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi $GILD #WorldHepatitisDay http://t.co/a4J2hLuItl
The Panic
29 Jul 14 15:16:41
@JakeFields18 Indeed :-). $GILD
Jon Boorman, CMT
29 Jul 14 14:34:25
361 Capital
29 Jul 14 14:23:18
Stan Wong
29 Jul 14 14:16:28
In Stan Wong Managed Portfolios, Gilead Sciences hits another new all-time high today. $GILD
29 Jul 14 14:01:59
The 5 Best NASDAQ 100 Stocks $BBBY $CSCO $GILD $DTV $ADP http://t.co/AIPq0Et658
Margaret Dudley
29 Jul 14 14:01:11
Gilead Sciences: Make CURE for Hepatitis C affordable for the WORLD http://t.co/jvCYqpne8L via @Change #HepC $GILD #dying4cure
DayTrading Power
29 Jul 14 13:58:34
Daytraded #stocks : $PLUG $CLF $NQ $ARIA $GILD $SPY $CTL $WIN $SYN $BIOF $DDD $DRI $TWTR $PCYC went 15/18 for +$333.50 - 2 TWTR calls O/N
29 Jul 14 13:42:36
$GILD Betcha the #Sovaldi #Ledipasvir combo gets approved in the next month or so well before the 10/10 PDUFA
Companies in News
29 Jul 14 13:22:01
$GILD: Miracle cures spur demand for access to Gilead's $1,000 hepatitis pill http://t.co/ekJvH424ya http://t.co/uUYpOfVRX9
Alexander Daly
29 Jul 14 13:08:20
DCF update: 64 handle on $LO, 17 and change for $BAC, $JPM 84, $MS 26, $HLF 93, $AAPL 98.75, $GILD 115, $IBM 195, $MSFT 42, $KATE 11,
29 Jul 14 13:00:15
S&P500 #Stocks Trend $FTR $WIN $MAS $CTL $DRI $WYNN $WFM $WM $T $XYL $CVC $BMY $BIIB $DD $MRK $GILD $COST $IPG @ http://t.co/ppYlnKK6xM
29 Jul 14 12:59:43
Nasdaq100 #Stocks Trend $WYNN $WFM $BIIB $GILD $COST $AMGN $CTXS $TSLA $PCLN $VOD $NTAP $CHKP $SBAC $BBBY $CERN @ http://t.co/wz4pxpINCJ
29 Jul 14 12:59:27
Nasdaq100 #Stocks Performance $WYNN $WFM $LLTC $ESRX $BIIB $GILD $COST $BRCM $BBBY $SIRI $SPLS $AMGN $FFIV more@ http://t.co/wz4pxpINCJ
29 Jul 14 12:59:12
S&P100 #Stocks Trend $T $BMY $DD $MRK $GILD $COST $VZ $AMGN $HPQ $ORCL $EMC $AAPL $TGT $CMCSA $HD $ACN $NKE @ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
29 Jul 14 12:58:56
S&P100 #Stocks Performance $T $BMY $DD $MRK $GILD $COST $TGT $VZ $AMGN $HPQ $CMCSA $CAT $LOW $SBUX $PM more@ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
Marija Jukic
29 Jul 14 12:39:58
Gilead Sciences Price Target Increased to $127.00 by Analysts at Maxim Group $GILD http://t.co/3HXMGjwJAM via @RatingsNetwork
Travis Howard
29 Jul 14 12:33:41
$GILD October $97.50 Calls seeing unusual option activity http://t.co/FcRhZRQGov
Daily Contracts
29 Jul 14 12:25:02
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Gilead Sciences $GILD http://t.co/acEUmAeliX
Nate Brummel
29 Jul 14 12:24:23
Does $GILD break-out after combination for Sovaldi approved in October? #askfast
Stock News Headlines
29 Jul 14 12:22:12
$GILD: Gilead receives positive opinion from CHMP for Zydelig http://t.co/2HNQCz5cZU http://t.co/ThV0UJ8sjD
29 Jul 14 12:19:04
$GILD 100+ in a week?
The Daytrade
29 Jul 14 12:15:44
$GILD monster, going to get $100 magnet pull like $AAPL soon at this pace, total market immunity today, likely more ++ coming tmr
29 Jul 14 12:14:53
RT @aztecs99: @jimcramer 4 horsemen of biotech flexing muscle today - $BIIB $GILD $CELG $REGN -- did u watch this? http://t.co/ixQl4D5mBr
Bill Gunderson
29 Jul 14 12:07:49
I just bought $GILD for my aggressive growth accounts. I already owned it in my large cap conservative accounts.
29 Jul 14 11:45:59
bought my calls back today $GILD for tiny loss. still have short puts at a huge net gain. Will hold those until exp or exercise
Ticker Report
29 Jul 14 11:43:09
Gilead Sciences Price Target Increased to $127.00 by Analysts at Maxim Group $GILD http://t.co/dwjsZrmfyJ

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