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UnitedHealth Group Inc.

UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH)





UnitedHealth Group, Inc. designs products, provides services and applies technologies that improve access to health and well-being services, simplify the health care experience and make health care more affordable.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 64607245723
Employees: 133000
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 731766
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Health Care Plans
Sub-Industry: Health Care Plans
NAICS: Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carrier (524114)
SIC: 6324
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 952 936-1300
Address: UnitedHealth Group Center
Address 2: 9900 Bren Road East
State: MN
City / Town: Minnetonka
Country: USA
Postal Code: 55343


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The Dow closed at 16,651.80 on Wednesday, which is a 0.55% move from yesterday’s close. Intel Corp led all gainers with a 2.93% jump. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is…
Shares of UnitedHealth Group Inc. led all laggers on the Dow Thursday with a decline of 2.75%. The DJIA closed at 16,368.30, which is a -0.46% change from the previous…
Monday saw a major tectonic shift in the market for biotech companies. Or, rather, the tectonic shift happened some time ago; Monday was the day a major earthquake finally rippled…
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Stock in health insurers is broadly down on Thursday morning. Every major health insurer saw shares down in early trading, with a disappointing earnings report from industry-leader UnitedHealth Group Inc.…
Health insurers showed strength on Monday, the first day of trading after news broke that cuts to Medicare Advantage plans were in the offing. Medicare Advantage, a program through which…
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Arundhati Parmar
22 Aug 14 13:35:15
Apple talks with insurers like $UNH. Possible reimbursement chat on iWatch? http://t.co/8ah435wPGN $AAPL #wearables #meddevice #medtech
Dwayne Membrane
22 Aug 14 12:16:03
I sold $UNH calls basically flat, lost a couple dollars in fees. Didn't like the price action, seemed vulnerable to drops w/shorts lurking
Market Compass
22 Aug 14 10:53:07
$UNH: Seattle Area Kids Test Their “IRONMAN” Skills at UnitedHealthcare IRONKIDS Fun Run http://t.co/End8CHM8jV http://t.co/lVQmiLUjgc
Dividend Yield
22 Aug 14 10:42:30
15 Growing Dividend Stocks That Buffett/Munger Would Choose - http://t.co/dly6HtMQlZ - $AFL $UNH $ROST $ORCL $ITUB #Dividends
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22 Aug 14 10:25:44
$UNH: Will UnitedHealth Group (UNH) Stock Benefit From Plan Expansion Into More http://t.co/2VxgnCgPa0 http://t.co/wHcx5uDate
Stock Wire
22 Aug 14 10:24:37
Will UnitedHealth Group (UNH) Stock Benefit From Plan Expansion Into More ... $UNH http://t.co/OnvcS3OjfU
TheStreet Alerts
22 Aug 14 10:13:13
Will UnitedHealth Group $UNH Stock Benefit From Plan Expansion Into More States? http://t.co/OBpIkGywVX
Arundhati Parmar
22 Aug 14 10:09:50
Apple talks with insurers like $UNH. Possible reimbursement chat on iWatch? http://t.co/KO6WLt61eq $AAPL #wearables #meddevice #medtech
22 Aug 14 08:25:31
Home Depot : HD) Tops DJIA Gainers for August 19 http://t.co/f2xkVdLTB2 $HD $UNH
21 Aug 14 12:59:27
Dow #Stocks Trend $JPM $TRV $WMT $JNJ $IBM $AXP $UNH $HD $UTX $DD $BA $GE $V $INTC $PG $CAT $MRK $KO $NKE $MMM @ http://t.co/yhUoenVeKi
Market Updater
21 Aug 14 12:51:58
$UNH: Aetna and UnitedHealth http://t.co/t3hCsxd8QE http://t.co/ejqpkLLjIL
21 Aug 14 12:03:03
LGBS up 42.86%! News update & New Pick Coming: http://t.co/LfDGSIfVSV $UNH $HUM $CI
Business News Watch
21 Aug 14 11:52:22
$UNH: Aetna and UnitedHealth http://t.co/vxaOSUyJVq http://t.co/Eec1df6ceM
VisualStock Resource
21 Aug 14 11:15:09
$UNH - New York 4-H & UnitedHealthcare Expand “Eat4-Health” Partnership, Use “Pedal Power” to Help http://t.co/WnmI00y7h5
21 Aug 14 11:15:06
$UNH - New York 4-H & UnitedHealthcare Expand “Eat4-Health” Partnership, Use “Pedal Power” to Help http://t.co/13VzZnPhd1
21 Aug 14 11:15:04
UnitedHealth : New York 4-H and UnitedHealthcare Expand “Eat4-Health” Partnership, Use “P... http://t.co/sJ5bAO59dl $UNH
BV Healthcare
21 Aug 14 11:13:10
$UNH New York 4-H and UnitedHealthcare Expand “Eat4-Health” Partnership, Use “Pedal Power” to Help Tac.. http://bdvt
Dividend Yield
21 Aug 14 09:28:45
20 Of The Best Yielding Healthcare Growth Stocks For The Next Years - http://t.co/AeF2szABXE - $STJ $AMGN $STE $WLP $UNH - Please Share THX!
Paul Loffarelli
21 Aug 14 09:18:52
RT @DozenStocks: Dow #Stocks Trend $JNJ $WMT $IBM $UNH $HD $JPM $AXP $MRK $V $UTX $CAT $GE $BA $KO $XOM $NKE $INTC $TRV $DD $GS @ http://t…
21 Aug 14 08:51:54
S&P100 #Stocks Trend $HPQ $EBAY $BAC $LOW $EXC $JNJ $WMT $BAX $PEP $QCOM $AEP $IBM $UNH $ORCL $MDT $HD $SO @ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
21 Aug 14 08:51:22
Dow #Stocks Trend $JNJ $WMT $IBM $UNH $HD $JPM $AXP $MRK $V $UTX $CAT $GE $BA $KO $XOM $NKE $INTC $TRV $DD $GS @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
Biz News Pioneer
21 Aug 14 06:53:39
$UNH: WellPoint: What's in a Name? http://t.co/mT5egf9dJd http://t.co/H39XfITDHn
Dwayne Membrane
21 Aug 14 06:46:47
Added UnitedHealth Sept 5 83 calls. $UNH
21 Aug 14 06:43:22
Entered long on $DAL - $UNH + $JNJ
Adam Vannoy
21 Aug 14 06:11:34
My current longs continue to be-- $COST $WNR $LMT $CELG $EXPE and $UNH---watching for any reason to take profits on each of them!!
21 Aug 14 04:05:02
UnitedHealth Group Inc. Quarterly Valuation - August 2014 $UNH - #investing http://t.co/3XbWhQkJ5D
21 Aug 14 03:01:49
Weekly Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $BA $UTX $MRK $CAT $UNH $V $GE $DD $JPM $JNJ $WMT $AXP $TRV $PG $NKE $MMM $PFE $KO @ http://t.co/TvzJfcJOET
Dow Stocks
21 Aug 14 00:18:53
#Dow #stocks $UNH Unitedhealth Group Daily:-0.05% Weekly:2.36% YTD:11.72% Trend:100 / 100 http://t.co/QZGtOc6iLt
Market Updates
20 Aug 14 20:52:55
$UNH: What I Learned About Health Care When My Cat Died http://t.co/jpwrw6XhZs http://t.co/R0k64nroQq
20 Aug 14 19:42:23
$GLBH closed up 150% today! Major Update: http://t.co/nHv4FnEmKE $UNH $HUM $CI
20 Aug 14 16:01:45
Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $BA $GE $UTX $MRK $V $AXP $CAT $JNJ $JPM $WMT $UNH $DD $TRV $PG $NKE $MMM $PFE $GS $KO @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
20 Aug 14 12:59:35
Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $BA $GE $UTX $MRK $CAT $AXP $V $JPM $WMT $TRV $JNJ $UNH $DD $PG $NKE $MMM $PFE $KO $DIS @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
20 Aug 14 12:15:26
UnitedHealth : Patent Issued for System, Method and Computer Program Product for Enabling a Customer to Sel... http://t.co/o5e9kFyekz $UNH
20 Aug 14 12:03:18
SKYF ran up as much as 300% Today! News Update: http://t.co/5A4Sg5sQA5 $UNH $HUM $CI
Biz News Pioneer
20 Aug 14 11:52:59
$UNH: Stocks close higher for the third time in four days on tech boost http://t.co/bwrgY77NQJ http://t.co/wH1tpiEacN
Dave Neville
20 Aug 14 09:31:00
3 Stocks Reiterated As A Buy: $UNH, $BAC, $BA http://t.co/LFnK44WWXz via @TheStreet
Seeking Alpha
20 Aug 14 09:10:58
4 Hot Dividend Growth Insurance Stocks You Must Know http://t.co/PBj2JFDbbd $UNH $AFL $TRV $ACE
20 Aug 14 08:52:46
Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $BA $GE $CAT $MRK $JPM $UTX $V $AXP $JNJ $DD $WMT $UNH $PG $NKE $MMM $PFE $KO $GS $DIS @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
Carpathia Capital
20 Aug 14 06:07:20
Close runner-ups: $NOC, $WLP, $CF, $UNH and $CLX
Dennis Dick
20 Aug 14 06:06:53
A few major #premarket sell imbalances: $PFE -170K, $BAC -229K, $GE -78K, $UNH -74K, $KO -69K, $MRK -80K, $WMT -61K, $USB -78K
20 Aug 14 04:12:52
Bullish MACD Crossovers 3/3 $RGSE $RH $RKUS $SE $SLB $SNCR $UMC $UNH $VRX http://t.co/3zqDyQa38G
Biz News Pioneer
20 Aug 14 03:52:51
$UNH: UnitedHealth Group Board Authorizes Payment of Quarterly Dividend to Shareholders http://t.co/HWX6trZ4vE http://t.co/JJBMajGxIr
20 Aug 14 03:02:15
Weekly S&P100 #Stocks Trend $HD $AAPL $UNP $ABBV $GOOG $BA $MSFT $UNH $RTN $KO $GD $LMT $ORCL $MON $NSC $UTX @ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
20 Aug 14 03:02:00
Weekly S&P100 #Stocks Performance $GILD $HD $TWX $AMGN $AMZN $AAPL $UNP $ABBV $GOOG $BA $MSFT $UNH $RTN more@ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
20 Aug 14 03:01:45
Weekly Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $BA $MSFT $UNH $KO $UTX $DIS $CAT $MMM $JNJ $NKE $V $JPM $DD $AXP $PG $MRK $TRV $GE @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
Dow Stocks
20 Aug 14 00:18:49
#Dow #stocks $UNH Unitedhealth Group Daily:1.37% Weekly:4.05% YTD:11.77% Trend:100 / 100 http://t.co/QZGtOc6iLt
19 Aug 14 16:02:13
S&P100 #Stocks Trend $HD $LOW $ORCL $ABBV $AAPL $UNH $LLY $EBAY $OXY $AXP $SO $COST $GOOG $UPS $ACN $DD $BMY @ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
19 Aug 14 16:01:57
S&P100 #Stocks Performance $HD $LOW $ORCL $ABBV $AEP $AAPL $NOV $UNH $LLY $EBAY $TGT $OXY $SLB $AXP $CVX more@ http://t.co/cKkr8ctphu
19 Aug 14 16:01:42
Dow #Stocks Trend $HD $UNH $AXP $DD $JPM $MSFT $BA $UTX $V $CAT $JNJ $DIS $MMM $NKE $KO $PG $MRK $WMT $IBM $MCD @ http://t.co/6KoVUcHkIF
Bulls vs Bears
19 Aug 14 15:52:49
$UNH: Peter G. Jacoby to Lead UnitedHealth Group Government Affairs http://t.co/IfZHJr5jhH http://t.co/qvpRCS1dDw

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