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Wells Fargo & Co

Wells Fargo & Co (WFC)





Wells Fargo & Company provides financial services through subsidiaries engaged in various businesses, mainly: wholesale banking, mortgage banking, consumer finance, equipment leasing, agricultural finance, commercial finance etc.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap:
Issuer Type: PS
Last Audit:
CIK: 72971
Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Banks
Sub-Industry: Banks - Regional - US
NAICS: Commercial Banking(522110)
SIC: 6021
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 866 878-5865
Address: 420 Montgomery Street
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: San Francisco
Country: USA
Postal Code: 94163


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One of the S&P 500’s big winners for Thursday January 22 was Wells Fargo & Co. ($WFC) as the company’s stock climbed 3.21% to $53.77 on volume of 20.31 million…
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One of the S&P 500’s big winners for Thursday December 18 was Wells Fargo & Co. ($WFC) as the company’s stock climbed 2.64% to $55.21 on volume of 21.23 million…
The crowdfunding industry has entered a new, and possibly more legitimate space, in the framework of financial services. I refer to the recent S-1 filing of Lending Club (LC), which…

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1 Feb 15 05:57:58
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1 Feb 15 05:22:14
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1 Feb 15 02:27:48
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31 Jan 15 20:41:05
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31 Jan 15 17:38:18
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31 Jan 15 12:25:33
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Stock Rocket
31 Jan 15 10:25:03
Our Penny Stock Picks Gained an overall 160% This Week! New Picks Coming: http://t.co/vJR8lXzozx $VRS $LAS $C $WFC
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31 Jan 15 09:37:07
$WFC mid and long term charts WELLS FARGO http://t.co/jUjWoAOWOa #stocks #sp500 #dji #acciones #bolsa
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31 Jan 15 08:21:06
Dividend Investing http://t.co/OYrOKMP2yX #DividendInvesting #StockMarket $AXP $GS $MCO $WMT $USB $WFC $PG $IBM $KO $XOM #Investment #money
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Morning watchlist: $TWC $AIG $ACT $MU $WFC $HTZ $LNG $CHTR http://t.co/SlU6nhJTP7 http://t.co/Xwyr5gs8UZ
31 Jan 15 06:36:03
$BAC $WFC: The Worst Is Yet to Come for This Bank: http://t.co/B0RLZyPkgg
31 Jan 15 05:36:03
$WFC: Today's Interest Rates for Home Mortgages at PHH Mortgage, Wells ...: http://t.co/2AWIMrREnr
Sherilyn Balazs
31 Jan 15 05:34:06
Playing spreads on all these http://t.co/o6PqlxZaOF $TWC $AIG $ACT $MU $WFC $HTZ $LNG $CHTR http://t.co/DX5P9MoF4m
31 Jan 15 04:41:02
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31 Jan 15 03:09:23
Why you can be wrong on direction with Bull Puts http://t.co/wpecbLPuxj $WFC $AXP $XOM
31 Jan 15 02:01:21
#Wells Fargo : Rating Disclosure on Level 3 Communications, Inc http://t.co/Cl2dIg25Wp $WFC
30 Jan 15 21:41:14
Our Penny Stock Picks Gained an overall 160% This Week! New Picks Coming: http://t.co/LayPQuOeI4 $VRS $LAS $C $WFC
RB Options Scans
30 Jan 15 18:58:32
Bull 13,250 $WFC 2015-02-20 $51.5 #Calls @ $1.02 $1,351,500 in $ 52X OI http://t.co/JpnLVqQvOp for web scan beta! http://t.co/vRjP0d5kud
30 Jan 15 18:57:09
Morning watchlist: $TWC $AIG $ACT $MU $WFC $HTZ $LNG $CHTR http://t.co/SlU6nhJTP7 http://t.co/k9fSdEeMXf
30 Jan 15 18:14:24
Ok simple trades long $wfc short Canadian banks. Rails vs truckers -- $pir vs $ll
Stock Rocket
30 Jan 15 17:31:12
Our Penny Stock Picks Gained an overall 160% This Week! New Picks Coming: http://t.co/vJR8lXzozx $VRS $LAS $C $WFC
Sherilyn Balazs
30 Jan 15 16:50:06
Playing spreads on all these http://t.co/0Aaqucb7ul $TWC $AIG $ACT $MU $WFC $HTZ $LNG $CHTR http://t.co/rv0RkgCABc
Brian Lobman
30 Jan 15 15:29:39
@jimcramer I know you like $WFC for AAP but what about $TCBI ? Already down 25% for the year.
Carolyn B Miciano
30 Jan 15 15:17:05
Complete details on Diagonal options trades http://t.co/g2Jh5vLoCh $WFC $AXP $XOM
30 Jan 15 14:09:50
$C $BAC $WFC dead money.
30 Jan 15 13:46:02
$PG $CAT $PFE $AA $BMY $WFC $AAPL: American CEOs Most Bearish on Earnings Since 2008 Crisis: http://t.co/NCdncX5JoC
BV Financials
30 Jan 15 13:34:27
$WFC Wells Fargo & Company/mn files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://t.co/Vk2P3Xphu0
Breaking News Now
30 Jan 15 13:33:08
$WFC: New SEC Filing for WFC: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-027785 http://t.co/5CkAz7GHuG http://t.co/Uc3xcaM3ul
30 Jan 15 13:15:18
$WFC - Wells Fargo Advantage Closed-End Funds Declare Monthly Dividends http://t.co/boR30HW0nq
30 Jan 15 13:11:04
$WFC: The markets outlook: short and long term: http://t.co/DCc8TdPjWx
musiq soulchild
30 Jan 15 12:50:08
Buy $SHAK, $NKE, $FB, $JNJ, $F., and $WFC My name is Destiny Joab "Porky" Puig.
Stock Trade Alerts
30 Jan 15 12:47:46
5-min Candle Alert $WFC-P - WELLS FARGO & COMP PR SERIES #daytrader #stocks ~ via #AlertTrade
30 Jan 15 12:46:01
$WFC $IVZ: In Bullard Versus Bond Bulls, There's Potential for Lots of Pain: http://t.co/N0HHRArQoJ
30 Jan 15 12:41:17
RT @KamakuraCo: Wells Fargo Credit Spreads Vs. U.S. Dollar Cost Of Funds Index, January 29, 2015 $WFC $BAC $C http://t.co/rofKkfUO2I via @s…

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