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Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. (COG)





Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development and exploration of oil and gas properties located in North America.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 15283617122
CEO: Dan O. Dinges
Employees: 589
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 858470
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas - E&P
Sub-Industry: Oil & Gas E&P
NAICS: Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extractio (211111)
SIC: 1311
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 281 589-4600
Address: Three Memorial City Plaza
Address 2: 840 Gessner Road
State: TX
City / Town: Houston
Country: USA
Postal Code: 77024


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Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (COG) released an impressive earnings report after Wednesday’s closing bell that has sent the stock up over 7 percent to a new all-time high of…


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20 Oct 14 15:00:17
Insiders Buying: $THLD $JAZZ $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI http://t.co/XQITF0lRKD #daytrading
20 Oct 14 13:34:48
$COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation End-Of-Day Quote Alert From our Stock News Alerts App
Issaquah Capital
20 Oct 14 10:00:44
Gassy thesis holding court like Henry VIII.. $SWN $COG... Bid em yo.. -Mo Greene
Market Int Center
20 Oct 14 06:41:50
Potential Cabot Oil & Gas $COG Trade Targets 4.90% Return ( http://t.co/9Fsl2jy1Fi )
Seeking Alpha
20 Oct 14 05:43:36
Oversold Cabot Oil & Gas Leads In Low Costs, Growth, And IRR% - With Winter Coming It's Wor... http://t.co/EX6PnRQmoV $COG
20 Oct 14 03:00:06
Insiders Buying: $JAZZ $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS http://t.co/Vv2VEn80mr #daytrader #dow
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20 Oct 14 01:02:24
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19 Oct 14 15:00:07
Insiders Buying: $JAZZ $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS http://t.co/Vv2VEn80mr #daytrading #dow
TV_Trading Ideas
19 Oct 14 03:40:31
CABOT - Topping pattern $COG http://t.co/wK8kMhltwa
19 Oct 14 03:00:06
Insiders Buying: $JAZZ $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS http://t.co/XQITF0lRKD #stockmarket
John Stans
18 Oct 14 08:48:47
RT @KymLang: Earnings Friday $ABBV $BMY $COG $F $LYB $PBR $PG $UPS $WBC
G. Thomas Lackey Jr
18 Oct 14 05:48:50
October 17, 2014 RS Movers http://t.co/D7d4sCEwhI $ITB $IYT $IHE $KBH $LVS $COG $ILMN $EQIX $NFLX $GOOGL $PFE
18 Oct 14 03:54:36
RT @HotKeyTrading: Insiders Buying: $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS $FDO http://t.co/XQITF0lRK…
18 Oct 14 03:00:06
Insiders Buying: $SFM $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS $FDO http://t.co/XQITF0lRKD #dow #analytics
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18 Oct 14 01:02:12
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Kym L
17 Oct 14 23:04:17
Earnings Friday $ABBV $BMY $COG $F $LYB $PBR $PG $UPS $WBC
Mike Mustafoglu
17 Oct 14 20:17:29
$COG $OII $RRC $MTDR Bearish Stochastic Cross
17 Oct 14 15:00:06
Insiders Buying: $RCAP $TMH $AYI $ATU $COG $SPPI $EVTC $THO $BRCD $ANGI $ASBC $AFSI $NLS $FDO $DVN http://t.co/Vv2VEn80mr #stocks #nyse
17 Oct 14 14:31:30
$COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation End-Of-Day SEC Alert From our Stock News Alerts App
17 Oct 14 13:35:40
$COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation End-Of-Day Quote Alert From our Stock News Alerts App
Michael Maher
17 Oct 14 09:28:33
Oil and Gas names starting to head lower, something to watch $PVA $COG $AR
17 Oct 14 08:16:15
$COG - Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) http://t.co/PXqdYbft0P
17 Oct 14 08:04:17
$COG - Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) http://t.co/uJpNSHukag
17 Oct 14 08:04:15
$COG - Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) http://t.co/21w3UGykD8
17 Oct 14 08:04:01
$COG ALERT: New Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation SEC Filing From our Stock News Alerts App
Issaquah Capital
17 Oct 14 06:45:19
From thurs.. Added $TWTR $CLR $COG $SWN to long book.. Looking to get short Brazil & Russia at our levels.. -Mo Greene
17 Oct 14 03:02:31
Weekly S&P500 #Stocks Performance $BTU $DO $RRC $CHK $CSX $BWA $GRMN $SCG $CNX $WEC $FMC $ED $TWX $COG more@ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
Andreas Wolf
16 Oct 14 19:41:31
Don't quote me but I think we could see some fast moves up in oil names. $KMI $WLL $COG
16 Oct 14 19:20:30
possible 3 white soldiers in the gas/oil names? $COG chart https://t.co/yQE1aGlGwN
16 Oct 14 16:19:03
Trending Tweets Pertaining to $COG on 10/16/2014 http://t.co/DfbWJbEoQN
Jimmy Gartman
16 Oct 14 13:58:00
$COG nice 88 cents today
16 Oct 14 13:35:45
$COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation End-Of-Day Quote Alert From our Stock News Alerts App
Market Int Center
16 Oct 14 11:33:46
Cabot Oil & Gas $COG Trading Near $32.21 Resistance Level ( http://t.co/Uv69AYdYcj )
Senna Media
16 Oct 14 09:36:06
RT @StockSignaling: Movers and Shakers: Making Range Advances: $NFLX $WPX $KEY $DNR $SCHW $HTZ $EXTR $QEP $ACM $HK $PTEN $TWX $ABBV $SWN $C…
16 Oct 14 09:11:57
maybe they all hit something $DNR $GDP $HK $COG $CLNE $QEP $GDP
Stock Signaling
16 Oct 14 09:01:41
Movers and Shakers: Making Range Advances: $NFLX $WPX $KEY $DNR $SCHW $HTZ $EXTR $QEP $ACM $HK $PTEN $TWX $ABBV $SWN $COG #nyse #investors
16 Oct 14 08:52:14
S&P500 #Stocks Performance $CHK $UNH $ADS $TWX $SNA $CNX $THC $GME $XLNX $COG $WLP $WMB $VLO $APC $ITW more@ http://t.co/RPeaHBZz9y
16 Oct 14 08:09:02
$COG Nov Block Trade: 187 trade. ~$0.6 MM notional value.
16 Oct 14 07:58:02
$COG Nov Block Trade: 185 trade. ~$0.6 MM notional value.
16 Oct 14 07:53:46
$COG up 1.9% to 30.88 bullish at a cycle trough #stocks #markets #trading http://t.co/2CR9fk2928
David Borough
16 Oct 14 07:45:13
Everyone still piling into nat gas names $CHK $KMI $WMB $APC $COG $OKE
16 Oct 14 07:01:47
@TraderRL23 $COG too
Fred Waite
16 Oct 14 04:52:29
RT @DRJAMESCABOT: @SeekingAlpha $COG Just saying...
16 Oct 14 04:49:24
@SeekingAlpha $COG Just saying...
16 Oct 14 04:16:22
$COG:US #CABOT OIL & GAS CORP 16Oct Negative #NewsSentiment http://t.co/ksruaqWlqE #SP500
Gotham City Capital
16 Oct 14 01:14:01
@TurboResearch Starting to see some bottoming signs in Oil.. Lots of huge rebounds also.. $COG $TPLM $EOG...
BP Radigan
15 Oct 14 21:03:03
RT @StockSignaling: Movers and Shakers: Making Range Advances: $HK $PTEN $TWX $ABBV $SWN $COG $MNKD $LINE $LUV $DENN $DAL $CMLS $XEL $NXPI …
Stock Signaling
15 Oct 14 21:01:30
Movers and Shakers: Making Range Advances: $HK $PTEN $TWX $ABBV $SWN $COG $MNKD $LINE $LUV $DENN $DAL $CMLS $XEL $NXPI $XRX #markets #stock
Scott Spencer
15 Oct 14 18:16:16
RT @TravisMKnight: @bullriders1 @fm23 @alldayAHORRE Wow.. Nice bounce $SFY.. $COG nice too..
Gotham City Capital
15 Oct 14 18:14:33
@bullriders1 @fm23 @alldayAHORRE Wow.. Nice bounce $SFY.. $COG nice too..

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