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Alpha Natural Resources Inc.

Alpha Natural Resources Inc. (ANR)





Alpha Natural Resources Inc. is a supplier and exporter of metallurgical coal for use in the steel-making process and a major supplier of thermal coal to electric utilities and manufacturing industries across the country.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NYSE
Market Cap: 1490420466
Employees: 12400
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: KPMG LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 1301063
Sector: Basic Materials
Industry: Coal
Sub-Industry: Coal
NAICS: Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Minin (212111)
SIC: 1221
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 276 619-4410
Address: One Alpha Place
Address 2:
State: VA
City / Town: Bristol
Country: USA
Postal Code: 24209


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Concerns of coal's prospects have been growing louder and louder over the past several years, leading to recent downgrades from Bank of America and Goldman Sachs to lower their outlook…
Stocks were trading lower from the outset of Monday’s trading session as investors were unnerved by Chinese trade data released on March 8. The data indicated that exports out of…
Today’s Results ●     Standard & Poor’s 500: +0.05 percent to 1,878.04 ●     Dow Jones Industrial Average: +0.19 percent to 16,452.72 ●     NASDAQ: -0.37 percent to 4,336.22     Stocks on…
Shares for Virginia-based metallurgical coal producer Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) headed lower on three times the average volume from the beginning of Friday’s trading session, after JPMorgan Chase (JPM) announced…
Prices for hard commodities are always subject to unexpected fluctuations that typically result from disruptions to the delicate supply-demand balance. So far in 2013, iron ore has been one example…
Coal stocks are slipping in Friday trading following a news release from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposing Clean Air Act standards to reduce carbon pollution from new power plants,…
Much of the talk about a North American “energy revolution” and the United States becoming the world’s biggest energy producer before the end of the decade is predicated on huge…
At www.ValuEngine.com we show then Hold or Sell rated stocks in the S&P 500 that ended Monday trading below $10 per share. One is in the Basic Materials sector which…
At www.ValuEngine.com we show that 64.0% of all stocks are overvalued with 15 of 16 sectors overvalued 13 by double-digit percentages. All 18 stocks in today’s table have complete ValuEngine…
At www.ValuEngine.com we show that the Oils-Energy sector is 3.0% undervalued, with the Coal industry 10.5% overvalued. All five of the stocks in today’s table have complete ValuEngine data and…


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Social Mentions about your company in the last seven days
29 Jul 14 13:12:45
My largest holdings are $anr $twtr $wlt ya im smiling right now
Stock News Headlines
29 Jul 14 13:04:32
$ANR: Today's Dead Cat Bounce Stock Is Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) http://t.co/JSRmh2yhmm http://t.co/rO4O9vwVx3
29 Jul 14 12:59:38
$ANR 3.59, +10.46% closing hod :)
29 Jul 14 12:59:15
Playin it safe out the rest of $ANR 3.19- 3.58
Media Sentiment
29 Jul 14 12:58:37
$ANR received a new alert. Find out why at http://t.co/WHJp8eTsSr #stocks #daytrading #trading #mkt #NYSE #NASDAQ #markets 534
29 Jul 14 12:57:36
$anr $wlt cmon baby close strong!
29 Jul 14 12:57:06
$ANR strong close, above 50 day :)
29 Jul 14 12:50:44
$ANR about time the party got started on this thing http://t.co/CtSLwLzUAU http://t.co/WCjZ36ud9v
29 Jul 14 12:49:11
$ANR +10.15%
29 Jul 14 12:48:51
Tough Times Ahead For Alpha Natural Resources http://t.co/uQP6uBmUDM by Trefis Team $ANR $CLF
29 Jul 14 12:48:40
$ANR hod
Ishort Stocks
29 Jul 14 12:47:24
$ANR High Beta. When this thing starts moving back up, it will be lightning quick, just as the downturn was over the last 3 years.
29 Jul 14 12:43:54
$ANR +9.85%
29 Jul 14 12:41:59
RT @swissscheese: someone grab a fire extinguisher this flame is roaring $anr
29 Jul 14 12:41:46
someone grab a fire extinguisher this flame is roaring $anr
29 Jul 14 12:41:00
$ANR 3.55, +9.23% nhod :)
29 Jul 14 12:40:59
$ANR $ARIA $EDAP $GGAL $LOCO $MNKD $QUIK $SYRG $WLT autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
29 Jul 14 12:40:20
$ANR pushing highs
The Flash
29 Jul 14 12:38:24
$ANR running with $CLF
29 Jul 14 12:28:21
$ANR Earnings; Aug. 6, Double Bottom Pattern & Targets http://t.co/wtfigt8XRZ
29 Jul 14 12:26:29
$ANR watch now over $3.60! http://t.co/jC3I4QfOX5
29 Jul 14 12:24:33
$ANR Wow! Nice move
Media Sentiment
29 Jul 14 12:23:07
$ANR received a new alert. Find out why at http://t.co/WHJp8eTsSr #stocks #daytrading #trading #mkt #NYSE #NASDAQ #markets 508
29 Jul 14 12:22:17
$ANR +8.92% nhod, strong close :)
David Blair
29 Jul 14 12:21:49
$ANR Reversal box as it establishes support and breaks the down trend. Earnings ahead. http://t.co/Cd1o5A9WwY
CDM Capital LLC
29 Jul 14 12:21:33
Spot Met coal prices hovering between $112-114. Per the $ACI CC..extremely tough comps for $WLT given its large Met exposure. $ANR $BTU $CLF
29 Jul 14 12:18:43
Got to love this move in $ANR, and the coal names
29 Jul 14 12:17:59
$WLT $ANR both perking hod
29 Jul 14 12:17:17
$ANR +8.62%
29 Jul 14 12:11:02
$ANR +8%
29 Jul 14 12:09:13
$ANR 3.50, +7.69% nhod
29 Jul 14 12:05:43
$ANR hod
29 Jul 14 12:04:36
$ANR, $TSO, $FREE, $LNG, $ITEN, $TCEL nice day heading into the close :)
29 Jul 14 11:28:17
بعد طول انتظار سهم $anr يرتفع حتى %7 .. بانتظار اختراق 3.54 - 3.59 والاهداف مبدئيا حتى 4.20 http://t.co/SBBFvKxwPm
Leo Kolivakis
29 Jul 14 11:21:57
RT @US_proptrader: $ANR $ARRY $ECYT $GSAT $IDRA $JAZZ $NQ $PCYC $RGDO autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
29 Jul 14 11:19:10
$ANR at highs
Ishort Stocks
29 Jul 14 11:11:57
Question. What happens to coal names if Russia Deprives Europe of NG? $ANR $ACI $WLT $CLF
Ishort Stocks
29 Jul 14 11:10:13
These coal stocks could see a double digit move today and a quick break-out off their all time lows. $ACI $ANR $CLF $WLT
Market News Desk
29 Jul 14 11:04:30
$ANR: Coal Isn’t Dead Yet http://t.co/RvTcvKMmEr http://t.co/0NsAigkzrj
29 Jul 14 10:56:32
Inexpensive, liquid, & exempt from the tape {somewhat;) } $ANR flirting with 50ma breakout...
29 Jul 14 10:54:24
$ANR +7.38%
29 Jul 14 10:43:26
$ANR +7.08%
29 Jul 14 10:42:28
$ANR +6.77%
Ishort Stocks
29 Jul 14 10:40:00
Is today the true, long awaited turn around for the coal names? $CLF $WLT $ACI $ANR . I have a feeling it very might be.
29 Jul 14 10:39:16
RT @vaheelfan: $aci best house on a real shitty block. will outlast $wlt $anr in a war of attrition-loaded with cash, debt not due until 20…
29 Jul 14 10:37:54
took 50% profit $ANR 3.19-3.48..3.60 target
29 Jul 14 10:37:11
$aci best house on a real shitty block. will outlast $wlt $anr in a war of attrition-loaded with cash, debt not due until 2018.
29 Jul 14 10:26:59
$ANR $ARRY $ECYT $GSAT $IDRA $JAZZ $NQ $PCYC $RGDO autocharts @ http://t.co/kn4mViMgNq
29 Jul 14 10:25:49
$KOL, $ANR $CLF $BTU = watch this group
29 Jul 14 10:23:32
$ANR +5.84%

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